“Be the change you wish to see in the World”

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Dear Fellow Human,

With this newsletter we want to reflect on the developments and changes that are currently taking place in the world, from a spiritual point of view.

We are in a cosmic transition. Everything seems to falter at this point, nothing seems to be what it once was. The (false) certainties of the past no longer offer security. It’s quite a Challenge to remain standing through all of this. How do you cope with all of it?

What is going on?

Astrologically, the Age of Pisces has ended and the Age of Aquarius has arrived. Briefly put, we people will start living more from our heart, from connection with each other, with nature and Mother Earth. Our ego-consciousness makes way for unity consciousness. We are going to evolve into a New Human and a New Earth. This is a natural process. It is our path and our destination. It’s possitive and beautiful.

Our old world will gradually disappear. Bankrupt social systems will cease to exist. With the cosmic wind in our sails to a better world, there is unfortunately also bad weather along the way. There are opposing forces that want to hold on to the old world and existing (power) structures. This power “game” is now leading to enormous confusion and division in society. And you are in the middle of that. What is good and what is not? Where are you and how do you deal with the things that come your way?

Where are you?

Those cosmic changes will challenge you into inner expansion. The path that leads inside your pure self, to become authentic is to be free from upbringing, schooling, social environment and free from trauma and old pain. It is the path to your soul and intuition, in connection with all that is. It is innate knowing. Awaken and become conciously aware that you are connected with your soul.

Ofcourse you trust your intuition. in the end something feels right or not. Dare to act accordingly. That will eventually give you strength and growth. It’s really that simple… but the trick is to do it. Stand up for yourself and automatically you stand up for the others around you. That’s how it works and not the other way around.

Balancing between letting go and connecting

That process of becoming aware leads to an inner knowing and wisdom. Wisdom you need to make the right choices. Because choices are inevitable in the duality that exists now. Letting go or connecting is the question that imposes itself on you on different levels. Especially in the relational sphere there are huge struggles arising because of the different perspectives and dimensions we may experience as reality right now. Mutual misunderstanding leads to separation, while unity seems to strengthen the bond with each other enormously. The art is to find a way through by overcoming our differences with love and compassion.

Know that you are not alone. Even if it sometimes seems that way. And you are not crazy or strange either. The world is turned upside down. There are many people who think like you. The connection is already there. Maybe you just haven’t met them yet.

What is all this leading to?

Two forces can now be clearly recognized in this transition. One that clings to existing power structures. The global political Agenda 2030 is decisive in this regard. It is a non-spiritual path that leads to a society with limited freedoms. A society based on fear and control.

The other path is the one to the New World and the New Human. Love and freedom are the rulling principles here. A world in which we can all develop our full potential individually and collectively. A whole happy bunch of authentic selfies who live in harmony with each other based on a moral compass. This awakening is called The Great Awakening. It has been predicted and is going to happen. Trust that and be prepared. Be open to this renewal towards a richer, more intense and happier life. Who would not want this? How beautiful is that?

Your new life path will be a great adventure with new opportunities and possibilities. The glooming dark, which imposes itself on all of us at this time, will gradually disappear and make way for more Light, Love and connection.

How long is this gonna take?

The old power structures are going to collapse and those who are still part of them will eventually disappear from the stage. It is inevitable and desirable. Light forces from the highest dimensions direct this cosmic process. I don’t understand it, but I do know that it is there and that it happens. How long it will take will depend on the pace and extent to which humanity expands and evolves it’s consciousness. That doesn’t seem like a long-term process. It won’t be easy, there will be a lot of confusion, but there will be a tipping point. In the end we can get ready for a big party, because The New Earth is born.

Have complete confidence.

Have faith in the good outcome of all this. Trust the power of trust. That goes far beyond good hope. Complete trust is trust without conditions. Complete trust is trust from your soul and has a creative power. Trust, trust, have trust!

I, we, everyone at the shop Mystiek / Rotterdam wishes you all the strength and Love to get through this. There is Light at the end of this dark tunnel. That Light is already there. That Light shines. Connect with it. Meditate, pray or do your affirmations. Do it your way and have complete confidence. Open your heart, stay kind and be the example in the change. You are a sovereign divine being. Be so proud of that. The Light is with us.

We also thank you for your support over the past year. We asked for it and you, you gave it to us. Thanks for that.

May the Spirits bless you all in the year 2022. Be strong and Keep Faith.

On behalf of all of us,

Rob van der Sluis, Mystiek

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